Holiday Cookies

 Holiday baking is in full swing! Here at the Floressa kitchen we have researched, tasted, and tweaked to offer your favorite holiday traditions. The flavors are nostalgic, yet keeping with any dietary preferences you and yours prefer. Along with the new, we have adapted some old classic recipes that have been handed down to us by our grandmothers from many generations.

If you can believe it, not everyone cares about taste, and quality of ingredients. When you buy your cookie platter at the grocery store bakery you are getting a cookie made from a pre-made mix full of fillers, stabilizers,harmful artificial food colors, and preservatives.

At Floressa cafe we make everything from scratch, in small batches, and by hand. We care about the ingredients we use because we don't give our customers anything we wouldn't give our kids. 

Getting cookies from us is easier than you think! send us your requests to or click the following button to fill our our order form.