Floressa Cafe is a from scratch  bakery/cafe specializing in tasty treats and foods to suite your dietary needs. Our goods can be found in Cleveland on the regular at: Town Hall, REBol, Restore Cold-pressed Juice, The Grocery OHC, Goodkind coffee, Luxe Kitchen and Lounge, Platform Beer Cleveland Taphouse. We have been known to occasionally pop-up at local markets and the Cleveland Flea.  Next month you can find us at the Screwfactory holiday market click here for event details:


The ingredients we use are carefully chosen to be in keeping with a diet using only real foods. We do not use any artificial colors, or flavors. The wheat flour used is unbleached un-bromated. All ingredients used are non-gmo. 

Co-Owners Caitlin & Sara started Floressa Cafe in the autumn of 2014. We started as two friends swapping  recipes and baking pie. Today we are bringing our love of good food, made from quality ingredients & in small batches to you!


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Baking has been a lifelong passion of mine. As I child, I watched my mom bake and decorate special cakes for our birthdays. As I got older she let me help and began teaching me basic decorating techniques. I always thought working in a bakery would be such a cool job! In high school, I started dreaming of owning my own bakery someday. I developed menu plans and sketches of layouts. I even started testing names and looking for a business partner. I also began working at Dairy Queen at age 15. I worked my way up from service employee to supervisor, assistant manager, and eventually became the General Manager at 22. My time at Dairy Queen taught me a lot about managing a food service business. I was also very interested in art from a young age. I love the process of creating something beautiful from nothing. I began pursuing a career in art education/art therapy. I completed my associate’s degree and pursued baking courses while gaining real life experience managing the Dairy Queen. After a few semesters of college I had my lightbulb moment. I realized I could combine my two passions, baking and art, and open a bakery. That was when I decided it was time to move on from Dairy Queen and get more experience in an actual bakery setting.

I started a small cupcake business doing weddings and events before landing my stepping-stone job into bakery ownership. I became the Assistant Team Leader at a Whole Foods Market bakery department. While working there, my dedication to natural and wholesome baking formed. I managed the bakery at Whole Foods for 4 years before starting Floressa Café with Co-Owner Sara Bisheimer. I am so excited to share my passion for baking and 10+ years of management experience while truly living out my childhood dream!

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Sara- As a child I grew up in a farming community where local agriculture was organic and abundant. This provided me with my first job at age 12.  These roots have grown into a passion for supporting local organic initiatives. As a teenager my family moved outside of Chicago. At the age of 15 I started working in a Coffee Shop. By the time I left for college I was a manager. As I attained my  Bachelor's degree in New York I managed a busy Cafe in a commuter town outside NYC. After graduating I pursued my dream of being my own boss as an entrepreneur. After taking some time off in the work place to mother 5 children, Sara is bringing her 15+ years of management, cooking, and preparing meals for large groups and events to Floressa Cafe.       
























Peggy-I grew up on a dairy farm in Seville, Ohio.  I learned how to bake from my grandma and my mom.  I have always baked, even as I worked at many different careers; retail 9.5 years, special education teacher 14.5 years, church administrator 10 years.  I have been married almost 35 years, with two grown children and am now a proud grandma.  I am a granny nanny for a part of my week and the other part of the week I get to bake with the Floressa team!  I joined the Floressa team this past summer and am enjoying all aspects of making great desserts that all can enjoy whatever their dietary needs.  

Sam-I've always felt a connection with baking from an early age when my grandma would make her homemade chocolate chip cookies and give them to me to dunk in coffee. Not to mention the amazing Christmas cookies she makes every year. Since then I've associated baked goods with happy times and great memories. When the opportunity came about to work for Floressa I was excited to become a part of the team because not only was I going to be helping produce wonderful products, but products created with impeccable ingredients and made with heart.

We are creative artisans who are crafting the perfect food item to meet your needs.

*We avoid cross contamination when crafting gluten free and vegan items, however we are not gluten free certified.